Webinar: The Big Switch – Australia’s Electric Future, with Saul Griffith

March 23, 2022

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Climate change is a planetary emergency. We have to do something now – but what? Australian visionary Saul Griffith has a plan. In The Big Switch, Griffith lays out a detailed blueprint – optimistic but feasible – for fighting climate change while creating millions of new jobs and a healthier environment. Griffith explains exactly what it would take to transform our infrastructure, update our grid and adapt our households. The same natural advantages – incredible resources on an enormous continent – that helped Australia prosper in the 20th century are the ingredients for becoming the most prosperous, entirely renewable, economy in the world.

In this webinar Saul chats with Per Capita’s Shirley Jackson about his recent book, The Big Switch.

Dr Saul Griffith is an inventor, entrepreneur, engineer, and author of Electrify: An Optimist’s Roadmap to Our Clean Energy Future. He is the co-founder and chief scientist at Rewiring Australia and Rewiring America, nonprofits dedicated to decarbonising those countries (and the world) by electrifying everything. Saul has been a project lead on federally-funded research projects for agencies including NASA, DARPA, ARPA-e, National Science Foundation and United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM).