Our work is purpose driven, and our capabilities reflect our core purposes. Our team carries a diverse range of capabilities to provide valuable insights and support evidence-based decision-making. Here is a brief and non-exhaustive summary of our key capabilities: 

Survey Design and Dissemination

We can design and conduct surveys to collect data on economic and social issues. We have the expertise to create effective survey instruments and disseminate them to gather valuable insights from targeted populations in the community to support the not-for-profit sector and community at large.

Economic Transition Analysis

We specialise in analysing economic transitions, such as industry shifts, technology advancements, or policy changes. We are able to assess the potential impacts, challenges, and opportunities associated with these transitions, providing valuable insights to inform decision-making processes. 

Econometric Forecasting and Analysis

Our team has expertise in econometric forecasting and analysis, utilising advanced statistical models to assess economic trends, forecast future outcomes, and evaluate policy options. This capability helps in understanding the potential implications of various economic scenarios and informing policy formulation. 

Operations Research

We are skilled in operations research, employing mathematical and analytical techniques to optimize complex systems and processes. We can apply these capabilities to address challenges in areas such as supply chains, resource allocation, or government/community service delivery, ultimately improving efficiency and effectiveness. 

Techno-Economic Analysis

Per Capita conducts techno-economic analysis to evaluate the economic feasibility and potential impact of technological advancements. We can assess the economic implications of emerging technologies and provide insights to support decision-making related to technology adoption and innovation. 

Data Science for Social Impact

We utilise data science techniques and tools to derive meaningful insights from large and complex datasets. Our expertise in data science enables us to address social challenges and support evidence-based policies and interventions that create positive social impact. 

Mixed Methods Analysis

Per Capita employs a mixed methods approach, combining qualitative and quantitative analysis, to provide comprehensive insights into economic and policy issues. This multidimensional approach allows for a more comprehensive understanding of complex problems and supports more informed decision-making. 

Gender Impact Analysis

We can conducts gender impact analysis to assess how economic policies and initiatives affect different genders. We can identify potential gender disparities, inform gender-responsive policies, and promote gender equality and social inclusivity. 

Economic Impact Measurement

We specialise in measuring the economic impact of policies, programs, or interventions. We can assess the effects on key economic indicators such as employment, GDP, income distribution, and other relevant factors, providing valuable insights for policy evaluation and development. 

We also have other internal capabilities and broader capabilities through our associate and partner network. Contact us to discuss if we can assist you in pursuing your research agenda.