Per Capita undertakes research and develops policy recommendations in a number of focus areas. Our overarching focus is fighting inequality in Australia. Once our ideas are developed, they are subjected to rigorous peer review, and then communicated widely, both in the public domain and through our own extensive network of senior decision makers in government, industry, and the public service.

Our track record in developing new policy approaches that have been subsequently adopted by government demonstrates our influence.


April 11, 2024

Submission to Public Consultation on Doxxing and Privacy Reforms

Doxxing, which includes the deliberate online exposure of an individual’s identity, private information, or personal details with malicious intentions, can bring about dangers for individuals in the physical world, ranging from humiliation to physical stalking.
Work and Workers
March 27, 2024

A Thousand Hours for Free? Ending Unpaid Placements in Social Work Education

There is a growing body of research highlighting the issues students face in completing degrees in social work. The requirement to undertake 1000 hours of unpaid field education – equivalent to six months’ full time work – is contributing to a low completion rate despite the demand for social workers increasing.
Progressive Economics
February 8, 2024

Submission to the Inquiry into Price Setting Practices and Market Power of Major Supermarkets

Our submission discusses how highly concentrated markets, and the substantial market power of Australia’s supermarket duopoly can harm consumers, workers, and fuel inequality. It makes several recommendations for the committee to consider.
Equitable Housing
January 16, 2024

On Whose Account? Government Spending on Housing

This paper shows the shift away from treating housing policy as a core economic function of the government to a residual element of the welfare system. The absence of a comprehensive federal housing budget means that the distributional impacts of funding allocation and changes in spending on different groups in society remain largely unevaluated.
Equitable Housing
October 31, 2023

The National Housing and Homelessness Plan: A historic opportunity not to be missed

The development of a new NHHP presents the Federal Government with an historic opportunity to reshape Australia’s broken housing system, to modernise it for the needs of contemporary Australia and to leave a lasting legacy for future generations.   
Work and Workers
October 26, 2023

Submission to the Fair Work Legislation Amendment (Closing Loopholes) Inquiry

Key to the Fair Work Act was the inclusion of a fair and comprehensive safety net: a set of minimum employment conditions which cannot be stripped away. Today, too many workers find themselves excluded from this safety net, falling through loopholes in our workplace laws.
Progressive Economics
September 22, 2023

Submission to the ACTU Inquiry into Price Gouging and Unfair Pricing Practices

Our submission discusses how the state of competition in Australian industries can harm consumers and workers, and fuel inequality. It advocates for expeditious reforms to our consumer and industrial law, to empower consumers and workers, and lessen the effect of future shocks.
Work and Workers
September 18, 2023

Cracks in the Foundation: Exploring barriers to successful sectoral programs for young workers

The IT industry says yes to sector programs to solve its skills shortages and give young people a go at better quality jobs