About the Inequality Index

Understanding Inequality: How and why we are not equal

Inequality is on the rise in Australia. This is bad news for individuals. It’s bad news for the regions. It’s bad for health. It’s bad for our economy. We know how things are trending and we know it needs to stop. We also need to stop pretending that we can fix a problem we do not understand. How does inequality look in Australia? Why are we all not equal? If we can answer this, we have taken the first step in addressing our inequality, and moving towards making this country a fairer, better place.

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How does the Index work?

This report, and the Index it explains, seek to address this gap in public information by providing a comprehensive and multidimensional measure of inequality that can inform policymaking and advocacy. By measuring shifts in measures of inequality the index and sub-indices afford a more comprehensive and nuanced representation of the root causes and impact of inequality in Australia.