The Per Capita story

Per Capita is an independent progressive think tank, dedicated to fighting inequality in Australia. We work to build a new vision for Australia based on fairness, shared prosperity, community and social justice.

Our research is rigorous, evidence-based and long-term in its outlook. We consider the national challenges of the next decade rather than the next election cycle. We ask original questions and offer fresh solutions, drawing on new thinking in social science, economics and public policy.

Per Capita’s operating model is to invest in highly qualified researchers who work on applied policy development, rather than the more abstract, theoretical approaches of academia.

Our audience is the interested public, not just experts and policy makers. We engage all Australians who want to see rigorous thinking and evidence-based analysis applied to the issues facing our country’s future.

Per Capita was born in 2005, when a group of individuals with a shared concern about the quality of debate, policy analysis and leadership in the Australian political landscape came together and decided to establish a think tank to present the economic and moral case for progressive policy reform in Australia.

A scoping study was undertaken by author and speechwriter Dennis Glover, and the model for Per Capita was developed through a series of workshops involving around 20 participants.

Per Capita was launched in April 2007 with financial support from a number of individuals, with Evan Thornley as the founding Chairman and David Hetherington as the founding Executive Director.

2014 Annual Review

2015 Annual Review