Per Capita is determined to be fully transparent in disclosing the sources of our funding. A list of our donors can be found below.
We do not accept donations from political parties or any bodies that compromise our ethical standpoint. None of our funding allows or implies editorial influence over our work.

Philanthropic support

Centre for Applied Policy in Positive Ageing

The Wicking Trust

Core funding

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

Social Innovation Project funding

Money for Jam

Major partners: Gandel Philanthropy, A & M Osborn Charitable Trust, J.R. Hartley Charitable Trust

Also supported by: Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation, Reichstein Foundation, Melbourne Women’s Fund

Co-care for older Australians

Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

Progressive Economics Program funding

Core funding

Maurice Blackburn

Australian Council of Trade Unions

National Union of Workers

Community and Public Sector Union

Australian Services Union

Health Services Union

Annual Tax Survey

David Morawertz / Social Justice Fund

Individual donations

Income from other activities