Thank you for signing our open letter

Over the last year, Per Capita has been working towards developing a progressive, reforming policy agenda to tackle the twin crises of climate change and inequality, and reclaim our society for the common good. The onset of COVID-19, and the resulting economic depression, have only made this work more urgent.

Long before this virus shut down the global economy and forced neoliberal economics into rapid retreat, we at Per Capita were thinking about how to reset our economic and social policies to rebuild a social democratic system that can underpin a low-carbon economy and provide secure livelihoods and better standards of living without unsustainable growth.

Beyond the immediate crisis of COVID-19, anthropogenic climate change will continue to present an existential threat to human civilisation. When we start to rebuild after the pandemic is brought under control, it must be with the explicit purpose of reducing inequality and constructing an economically and ecologically sustainable world.

In the meantime, we will continue advocating for better policies and services to support Australians in these challenging times. We will call out bad ideas when we see them and push back against those who may seek to exploit fear and uncertainty to further entrench their own, unfair advantage.

We invite you to join us online, on Friday 29 May, as we mark the 75th anniversary of the Curtin Government’s White Paper on Full Employment to hear our thoughts on what’s needed to build a Full Employment Economy for Australia’s Low Carbon Future, and find out more about the events and activities we have planned for the second half of the year.

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Finally, if you are one of those fortunate enough to still be in secure work, and have the capacity to contribute to this important project, please consider making a tax deductible donation to Per Capita’s research fund here, or by contacting us as

Stay safe – and keep washing your hands!
The team at Per Capita