Submission to the Inquiry into Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave

August 30, 2022

Work and Workers

Per Capita has considered the Bill and is supportive of its aims.  Its expanded scope is necessary and commendable, in that it acknowledges that FDV does not respect gender, postcode or age: it can happen to anyone.  The broad provisions of the Bill are essential to ensure that the most vulnerable workers in our community are protected.

In particular, Per Capita supports paid entitlement for all employees, including casual employees, and the calculation of this entitlement at their full rate of pay.  The rationale for a full rate of pay calculation for casual employees is clear: their base rate of pay would not include any casual loading. Our submission provides further rationale for the application of this entitlement to both casual and non-casual employees.

Additionally, Per Capita makes several suggestions as to the drafting of the Bill, which will provide clarity on the entitlements and better achieve what we understand is the primary aim of the Bill: to ensure that ‘no employee in Australia will ever again be forced to make a choice between earning a wage and protecting the safety of themselves and their families’.