Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing

June 3, 2007


The Advisory Panel on Positive Ageing was originally constituted in 2011 with a three-year mandate to produce a comprehensive policy review on the opportunities and challenges associated with an ageing Australia, the Blueprint.

In November 2013, Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey sacked the Panel less than 8 months from the completion of its work. Given the social challenges facing Australia in the next 30 years from increasing longevity, Per Capita considers that the completion of the Panel’s Blueprint is critical to the social and economic wellbeing of Australia, to ensure that Australia continues to prosper through its ageing society.

In December 2013, Per Capita entered into a partnership with four members of the Panel to re-establish the Panel and complete the Blueprint for an Ageing Australia. Funds to re-establish to Panel were raised through a crowdfunding campaign.

In March 2014, NAB made a very generous donation of $50,000 to the project and will provide ongoing financial and strategic advice for the project. In addition, National Seniors have joined the project to provide valuable research capabilities and support. They will also consult with, and disseminate the Panel’s work to, their 250,000-strong membership.

Across March and April 2014 the Panel conducted community consultations around Australia.

Per Capita was proud to be able to finish this important work, which will place Australia at the forefront of forward-thinking policy to ensure all can contribute in society regardless of age.

Thank you to everyone who came along to a public consultation or  contributed to the crowdfunding campaign that allowed this work to be completed.