JCL Series: Small steps and giant leaps: Per Capita’s reform agenda

November 28, 2023


Per Capita works to build a new vision for Australia based on fairness, shared prosperity, and social justice. From housing to tax, employment services to industrial relations, poverty to evidence-based policy, these issues all have the potential to influence the lives of Australians either by distributing resources more equitably or by allocating them to the already wealthy few. 

Per Capita challenges the dominant narrative that disadvantage arises from personal fault or failure by pointing out the policy choices that have deepened inequality and proposing alternative choices that will lessen it.   

Join Emma Dawson and others from the Per Capita team for a tour through our recent work — including research reports, submissions to government inquiries, key stakeholder engagement, presentations to industry, podcasts and media engagement — and our next steps to further our advocacy in 2024. 

Watch the full speech at Per Capita’s YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/@PerCapitaAUS