Homes Not Houses – Part One: The Mess We’re In

July 2, 2024


Housing may be Australia’s most contentious and prevalent issue. Across the political aisle, fingers have been pointed at various causes and numerous solutions have been floated. The policies and ideologies surrounding housing have created a market that is amongst the most unique yet least accessible in the world, impacting all Australians whether you’re a renter, homeowner, or require social housing.

Homes not Houses aims to cut through the noise and make sense of this situation we’ve found ourselves in and how we can navigate our way out of the housing crisis. Over six episodes, CEH Director Matt Lloyd Cape will take the heat out of the housing debate from the partisan headlines and political discourse, and, with the help of fellow housing researchers and experts, get to the heart of the issue and provide the solutions.

In part one, we’ll unpack the mess we’re in, painting a clear picture of just how big the housing crisis really is.

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