Burning Platforms – The algorithms that rule Australia

October 5, 2021


Welcome to Burning Platforms, a new fortnightly podcast that unpacks the latest developments in technology from around the world.

This fortnight we explore algorithms that rule Australia, how we are increasingly outsourcing policy and governance to algorithms. We will look at how facial recognition, robo-planning and robo-welfare are entering our policy environments. This and more in the always busy world of tech! Brought to you by the Centre for Responsible Technology.

Regular panellists:

  • Peter Lewis, Former Director of The Australia Institute’s Centre for Responsible Technology
  • Lizzie O’ Shea, Chair of Digital Rights Watch, and
  • Dan Stinton, Managing Director of Guardian Australia

And special guests:

  • Ed Santow, Industry Professor Responsible Technology at UTS and former Human Rights Commissioner
  • Marie Johnson, CEO of the Centre for Digital Business


Burning Platforms is brought to you by the Centre of the Public Square – an initiative of Per Capita.