‘We had nothing to lose, no pride, no ego’: Why these 20-somethings became mayors

October 12, 2022

Claudia Nguyen, 29, a City of Yarra councillor, was elected in 2020 after taking a course that trains future leaders. Anthony Tran and Jasmine Nguyen also took the course.Credit:Eddie Jim

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2021, those born in Vietnam, India, China, the Philippines, Malaysia and Sri Lanka made up 8.6 per cent of Australia’s population, and 29.4 per cent of the nation’s overseas-born population – up from 6.1 per cent and about 23 per cent a decade prior. But this diversity has not been reflected in the country’s political leaders, who overwhelmingly still come from Anglo-Celtic and European backgrounds. And according to an analysis by Osmond Chiu, a research fellow at the Per Capita think tank, in state and territory governments combined there are only 37 politicians, out of 610 in all, with non-European and non-Indigenous backgrounds.Caroline Zielinski

Brisbane Times 21/10/22