MEDIA RELEASE: Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into the rental and housing affordability crisis backs Per Capita’s call for a National Housing Policy

November 29, 2023


The Committee of Inquiry into the Rental and Housing Affordability Crisis in Victoria yesterday published its final report, with its major recommendation being the renewal of a “long‑term National Housing Policy, where the States, Territories and the Commonwealth cooperate to address the most fundamental housing issues facing us right now”.

This mirrors Per Capita’s lead recommendation to the Committee:

That the Victorian Government work with the Federal Government, and other state/territory governments, to pursue a national housing policy framework bound by ambitious targets and objectives, as well as associated funding structures.

This should be founded on a national mission-based approach, including strategies for social housing, establishing a set of national of rental standards, a review of housing-related tax arrangements, and diversifying the rental housing sector.

Per Capita welcomes the Committee’s decision to adopt this as their primary recommendation, alongside a suite of others that should inform a comprehensive Victorian Government housing policy reform agenda.

Director of Per Capita’s Centre for Equitable Housing (CEH), Matt Lloyd-Cape, said “As rental and mortgage costs skyrocket, the need for a comprehensive, national housing plan is critical to ensure that all Australians have a secure, safe, comfortable and affordable home”.

Per Capita also commends the Committee for its ambitious set of state-based policy recommendations, many of which are identical in purpose or form to CEH’s recommendations to the Inquiry. These include:

  • Recommitting to building 60,000 social housing dwellings by 2034;
  • Increasing support to the build to rent sector;
  • Exploring ways to ensure longer leases to renters;
  • Improving planning to infill the “missing middle” suburbs;
  • Ensuring proper funding to the new rental dispute resolution body;
  • A statewide register of short stay accommodation;
  • Limiting landlord and agent use of renter data; and
  • Banning all types of rental bidding.

Victorians now await the Allan Government’s response, which must be made by May 2024.

Matt Lloyd-Cape said “It is gratifying to see the Committee tackle the thorny issue of housing policy reform with such ambition and deep understanding. We hope the Allan Government will adopt these recommendations and push for significant housing policy changes at local, state and federal levels.”

“While many improvements can be made locally for Victorian renters and homeowners under stress, what is desperately needed is a national housing plan that sets out a broad long-term agenda for change. Australia’s broken housing system will not be fixed with small tweaks; the time has come for significant, national reform.” 

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