Turning your passion into cash: Money for Jam to keep older women out of poverty

September 15, 2017

“The phrase “money for jam” means getting paid to not work very hard, but a group of women in Melbourne are about to take that saying in a new direction.

Money for Jam is the name of new program designed to help women over the age of 50 supplement their incomes.

Advocacy groups say older women are increasingly at risk of homelessness and unemployment, and the scheme aims to tackle the problem by taking a woman’s hobby or passion and turning it into an income stream.

If you like dog-walking, gardening, photography or pet-grooming, there’s probably a market for your services — you just need to work out how to tap into it.

The Money for Jam program provides mentoring for women at risk of homelessness to turn their hobbies into micro-enterprises.”

Money for Jam featured on ABC News