RNC, Trump & Cruz + same-sex marriage plebiscite

July 20, 2016

20 July 2016

Per Capita’s David Hetherington joined Ticky Fullerton, Mustafa Rachwani, Amelia Lester and host Julia Baird, to discuss the RNC, Trump & Cruz, the reappearance of Hanson and same-sex marriage plebiscite.

On Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement of Trump, David said: “Cruz is positioning himself a little bit like Boris Jonson positioned himself in the Brexit campaign. Taking a position against the leadership of your own party on the bet that a later outcome will leave you stronger internally. So Cruz is betting, if Trump loses, I’ve said what I think about the whole thing and I can come through as a stronger candidate. The problem with that though is that he only makes Trump stronger by doing this.”