Project aims to turn hobbies into cash businesses

September 21, 2017

“A public policy expert has called for more direct action to stop growing ageism and intergenerational wars.

Myfan Jordan, the Social Innovation Projects Manager at think tank Per Capita, told YourLifeChoices “fear-mongering being caused by those who are pitting the generations against each other” has to end.

She has helped design Money for Jam, a recently launched business training project for older women at risk of poverty. Ms Jordan hopes the training will help to turn their hobbies into micro-enterprises and boost womens’ self-esteem in the face of growing discrimination.

“Few people want to be a burden when they are older. So it is really important for s to get behind a full range of opportunities to ease them into self-sufficiency,” Ms Jordan told YourLifeChoices.”

Money for Jam featured in Your Life Choices