Media Release: National Seniors Joins Blueprint for Ageing Australia

March 13, 2014

Per Capita is delighted to announce that the peak memberhsip body National Seniors has joined Per Capita’s Advisory Panel on the Blueprint for an Ageing Australia.

National Seniors and its highly regarded Productive Ageing Centre will provide essential research and analysis for the Panel. The Panel is particularly pleased to have the opportunity to consult with National Seniors’ 200,000 members about the issues it covers during its consultation phase in the first half of 2014.

Panel Chairman, Everald Compton AM, says, “The Blueprint for Ageing plans to chart a course for Australia which will turn the ageing tsunami into an economic and social asset. To achieve this we need a quality team. National Seniors has a background over four decades of advocating for sound government policies for seniors. Their presence on the Panel greatly expands its ability to produce a first-class Blueprint.”

National Seniors has appointed its CEO, Michael O’Neill as its representative on the Panel, which met for the first time in Sydney on 27 February 2014. O’Neill says, “We’re pleased to be involved in a project that shifts ageing away from the rhetoric of calamity towards something practical and constructive.”

The Panel will conduct a series of community consultations around the country on the key research themes of the Blueprint. Its first consultation will take place in Melbourne on 8 April, focusing on the business opportunities associated with an ageing Australia.

Per Capita looks forward to working with all members of the Panel to produce policy recommendations which enable Australia to capitalise on its ageing demographic.

The Panel is seeking funds to reach its target budget. Contributions to its crowdfunding campaign to fund work on the Blueprint can be made via the Blueprint’s campaign site on Pozible (

For further information, please contact:

Everald Compton AM, Chairman of the Panel, 0407 721 710,
David Hetherington, Executive Director of Per Capita, 0413 863 068,
Michael O’Neill, CEO of National Seniors, 0448 125 898,