MEDIA RELEASE: Homes Not Houses – an investigative podcast from Per Capita’s Centre for Equitable Housing

July 2, 2024

Per Capita is publishing a new podcast, Homes Not Houses, to address the current housing crisis, hosted by former Director of the Centre for Equitable Housing, Matt Lloyd-Cape, premiering on July 2, 2024.  

The six-part series, based on research from the Centre for Equitable Housing, paints a picture of Australia’s housing market from early Federation to modern day, highlighting the key policy decisions that have led to our current crisis and proposing solutions.  

This series features interviews from prominent members of housing academia and advocacy, including:  

Eliza Owens (CoreLogic Australia), Prof. Hal Pawson (UNSW Sydney), Hugh Belfrage (V&F Foundation), Peter Mares (Inside Story), Kate Colvin (Homelessness Australia), Prof. Jago Dodson (RMIT), Emily Sims (formerly of Prosper Australia), Tim Helm (Prosper Australia), Jonathon O’Brian (YIMBY Melbourne).  

Each episode will be released weekly, on a Tuesday, with the series ending in August  

Homes Not Houses was proudly produced by Per Capita on the lands of the Wurundjeri-Woi Wurrung people of the Kulin nation, with sponsorship from Prosper Australia. For references and credits, please visit the Per Capita website.  

Homes Not Houses is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or on the Per Capita YouTube channel alongside the rest of Per Capita’s podcasts.  

Kate Colvin, CEO of Homelessness Australia, said:  

“We need the plan to be to be ambitious and to be asking the real questions. What drives homelessness and what do we need to do to end it? It is possible to end homelessness and if the government sets that as an ambition, then that would drive what scope the plan needs to have.” 

Peter Mares from Inside Story said:  

“We have to have a solution that brings together the three tiers of government in Australia because they all play a role in housing… we need we need that kind of coordination, but that has to be led from the top.” 

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