Home ownership for all has gone AWOL in OZ… or has it?

August 23, 2021

Per Capita’s Director of Policy and Research Matthew Lloyd-Cape chats with 3CR radio about Per Capita’s last Discussion Paper Generation Stressed’: House Prices and the Cost of Living in the 21st Century.

Listen to their conversation here. 

It became clear based on research comparing the cost of housing across three generations – in the 1970s, mid- to late-80s and early 2000s –  the latter – Gen X people – who bought their homes around the turn of the Millennium, suffered from a 130% increase in the lifetime cost of owning a home compared to 30 years earlier (i.e. compared to those who bought their homes in the 70s).  The Discussion Paper then explores some of the consequences for individual households and for the Australian economy as a whole.