Energy policy, One Nation preferences, TropFest

February 16, 2017

13 February 2017

Per Capita Senior Fellow David Hetherington is joined by the CEO of the Muslim Women’s Association Maha Abdo,  Associate Editor at The Australian Caroline Overington and host John Barron, to discuss Australia’s energy policy, One Nation preferences, Trop Fest, and Baby Boomers spending the kids’ inheritance.

On the energy debate:
“Where we’re at now is pretty damned predictable. The decisions that have been made over the last 5 or 10 years in this country could almost only lead to the position we’re in today.

We’ve privatised and marketised our grid and our electricity system in a way that has given incentives for underinvestment in the network – that’s what the caused the situation South Australia last year – and for operators to be keener to take high price and put less supply into the grid than to turn the supply up and have lower prices when they’re asked.”