Empathy is more useful than fear in the fight for progress

July 4, 2019

“The job of the progressive left is to make history, not just learn from it; to defeat inequality, not just measure it; to change society, not just analyse it.

If Australians want the kind of society in which no one is left out or pushed out, where no one is denied the right to a place to live, a place to work (and income security for those who cannot), a place to learn, a place to heal; if we want the kind of society where respect and dignity are democratised, one in which the economy is controlled by the people so that it might serve their needs instead of serving the wants of the satiated few; if we want these things we will need collectively to fight for them.

To fight for these things, the left will need to be organised. It will need to do the simple things it already knows – the work of building our movement and making the movement speak to the people who are deeply harmed by neoliberalism but continue to trust its empty promises.

John Falzon in The Guardian