Emma Dawson on The Drum – 22 August 2019

August 22, 2019

Executive Director Emma Dawson appeared on The Drum to discuss the Vatican’s response to George Pell’s appeal decision, 30,000 Australians dropping private health cover in 3-months, and gender discrimination growing as the biggest factor contributing to the gender pay gap. She was joined by deputy editor of The Sunday Telegraph Claire Harvey, ED at the Property Council of Australia NSW Jane Fitzgerald, and writer and former Independent candidate for Victoria’s upper house Tarang Chawla.

“The police were convinced, the jury was convinced, the trial judge was convinced, 2 of 3 appeal judges was convinced [of Pell’s guilt]. For the Vatican to say they’ll do their own investigation is dangerous for them, to maintain their separation from the law,” she said on the Pell appeal.

And on the gender pay gap: “Australia has some of the most rigid gender roles in the OECD. Until men take on more unpaid domestic labour, care work, and shoulder an equivalent burden, it’s not going to change in the workplace.”