Emma Dawson on The Drum – 17 June 2019

June 17, 2019

Emma Dawson appeared on The Drum to discuss increase security at the AFL, Hong Kong protests, Medevac figures, and Paladin. She was joined by contributing editor at the New Daily Quentin Dempster, food writer, UNICEF ambassador, and former lawyer Adam Liaw, and former Howard government minister Amanda Vanstone.

“Given all we know around the circumstances around which it was granted, no competitive tender, the profit being made, the money being spent, at the very least a responsible minister would be looking at alternatives,” she said on the Paladin contract. “It speaks to culture around the Department of Home Affairs, around secrecy, obfuscation, not answering direct questions of the responsibility of the department.”

And on the Medevac bill: “We have a duty of care to these people, we put them on Manus and Nauru, they are under our jurisdiction and it’s up to us to provide adequate medical care for them and I think the Medevac bill does that.”