Emma Dawson on Sky News – 7 June 2019

Emma Dawson on Sky News – 7 June 2019

Executive Director Emma Dawson appeared on Sky News’ Politics HQ make the pitch for our position on the Coalition tax plan: pass stages 1 and 2 now but do NOT pass stage 3.

She argued stages 1 and 2 will return money to low and middle income earners, and must be passed now, and implemented immediately, to stimulate our stagnant economy.

Stage 3 will gift billions in tax cuts to the richest Australians that could be spent on essential services for the rest of us. It’s a measure that will massively exacerbate inequality and insecurity in this country.

We urge the Opposition and the Senate cross bench to amend the bill to remove Stage 3 and pass Stages 1 and 2 now, referring Stage 3 to a Senate Committee Inquiry to determine its impact on income inequality and on revenue to fund essential services.

Emma Dawson on passing tax cuts in Australia: There is a strong case to pass stage 1 & 2 of the tax cuts. They essentially put money back into the pockets of low & middle income earners. The govt shouldn't pass stage 3, we can’t afford it. MORE: http://bit.ly/2IubWqd #PoliticsHQ

Posted by Sky News Australia on Friday, June 7, 2019