Coalition Wrecking Australia’s Climate Change Progress

June 18, 2024

Afternoons Show on ABC Radio Melbourne – 18 June 2024

The Coalition have announced that they would walk away from any climate action between now and the 2040s and build nuclear power plants.

Emma Dawson’s response highlights:

  • The problems politicians point towards with addressing climate change are simply spin
  • To speak of capping investment in renewable energy creates risk for both public and private investors; a risk we cannot afford
  • Rewiring the Nation, Renewable Energy Zones, the Net Zero Authority are driving us forward to meet our 203 target
  • Nuclear energy in Australia is extremely high cost, high risk and unproven. The CSIRO has said nuclear energy is not appropriate for Australia, given our large capacity for solar power, wind power and battery storage.
  • This is not a viable policy. It is simply wrecking Australia’s already-established approach to addressing climate change. It is not costed, it has not been taken to their party room, and it is not based on any facts, it is purely political wrecking for electoral purposes.
  • For this announcement to be treated as an alternative set of policies is nonsense – it is purely a wreck of the action Australia voted for at the last election.


Audio courtesy of ABC Radio Afternoons Show. Views expressed are those of Emma Dawson and not necessarily those of the ABC.