Australia’s security at risk if we fail to solve skills shortage

October 11, 2022

There is broad consensus among business leaders that skills shortages are biting hard across the economy. Australia needs more construction managers, more sparkies, more early childhood teachers, more aged care workers, more nurses, more technology workers.

There has certainly been plenty of discussion about tech workers in particular, as these jobs will drive the growth of Australia’s digital economy. But where exactly will these workers come from? This is an especially urgent question for the cyber security sector.

Detailed in recent research by Per Capita, the shortfall of qualified professionals entering cyber is now forecast to hit 30,000 by 2025. This figure is up to four times larger than what has previously been estimated by industry groups…

The same Per Capita report which quantifies the cyber skills crisis acknowledges the important role that universities and TAFEs are playing through their curricula and courses, but also highlights that they are unlikely to deliver the required qualified job-ready graduates to the sector…

Full article available here.
John Paitaridis in The Australian, 11/10/22