Webinar: Our National Shame – Violence Against Women, with Kate Fitz-Gibbon

November 4, 2021

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The exposés in early 2021 of sexism and sexual violence in Parliament House prompted women across the country (and some men) to take to stages, lecterns and social media to express their rage and demand action. However, while these events highlighted that violence against women is an ongoing issue in our community, in many ways the allegations and incidents should not shock us. They are part of women’s daily lives.

In her new essay ‘Our National Shame’, Kate Fitz-Gibbon reminds us that violence against women is not a private issue that needs bespoke, case-by-case solutions. It is a community-wide problem that, to be properly addressed, requires a dramatic shift in how we understand and respond to men’s violence, and most importantly, the tackling of gender inequality in this country. Transformative national leadership must drive this. But do our political masters have either the will or the integrity to meet this challenge? Kate Fitz-Gibbon joined Per Capita’s Emma Dawson to discuss Kate’s recent essay, Our National Shame.

Recorded on 4 November, 2021.