Building the Foundations of the Future: Solutions to the Housing Crisis – With Peter Khalil MP

August 23, 2023

Past Events

Peter Khalil, MP

Federal Labor member for Wills

What can be done to build more homes sooner, drive down prices and make the Australian dream a reality for more people? Peter Khalil MP joined Per Capita’s monthly John Cain Lunch in August 2023 for a discussion focused on tackling the housing crisis.

Peter is the son of Egyptian migrant parents and grew up in a housing commission in Melbourne. Peter was elected to federal parliament in 2016 and re-elected by the people of Wills in 2019 and 2022. He worked the late shift at the local servo, as a cleaner and on building sites whilst studying Law and Arts at Melbourne University, before later attaining a Master of International Laws from ANU.

Peter’s parents instilled in him the importance of giving something back to the country that gave his family so many opportunities. In a career that spanned the public and private sectors, he has worked hard to give back to the country that gave his family a fair go. Prior to his election, Peter worked for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, as National Security Adviser to the Prime Minister, as an Executive Director of SBS and as a Victorian Multicultural Commissioner, where he worked to promote our cultural diversity. Peter is passionate about creating good, secure local jobs, taking action on climate change, supporting small business, rebuilding Australian manufacturing, investing in quality education and making Australia a world leader in the promotion of human rights through our foreign policy.

Filmed 23 August 2023 at Melbourne University Graduate House.