Per Capita undertakes research and develops policy recommendations in a number of focus areas, including ageing and longevity, progressive economics, employment and the future of work, social democracy, energy policy, social innovation and trust in democratic institutions. Our overarching focus is fighting inequality in Australia.

Once our ideas are developed, they are subjected to rigorous peer review, and then communicated widely, both in the public domain through mainstream and social media, and through our own extensive network of senior decision makers in government, industry and the public service.

Our track record in developing new policy approaches that have been subsequently adopted by government demonstrates our influence.

Money For Jam – enabling women over 50 with increased financial wellbeing through micro-enterprise

Money For Jam (MFJ) is a program that stimulates and facilitates micro-enterprise development among women aged 50+ who have insubstantial private savings and are at risk of poverty. The project uses the principles of co-design: this involves asking women what’s missing from available services and what they need in order to achieve greater financial security, rather than telling them what they need as a starting point.

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