Young Writers’ Prize

Do you have some great ideas for the big challenges facing Australia?

Want to make a contribution to the national policy debate?

The Per Capita Young Writers’ Prize is open to all Australians aged 25 years and under, and is designed to encourage young people to think about the major public policy challenges facing Australia.

The 2017 Prize is now closed.  The 2018 Prize will open early next year.

Click below to see winning entries from this year and previous years.


Judging Criteria

Judges will give preference to entries that consider substantial policy issues, and the national challenges facing Australia in the long-term. Entries will be judged on a range of criteria, including:

  • The originality of its ideas
  • The potential public benefit of the ideas put forward.
  • Fluency of writing
  • How well the ideas are expressed, and the case is argued.
  • Accuracy

The winning prize will be awarded to the entry which the majority of judges consider to satisfy these criteria. The majority decision of the judges is final.