2016 Young Writers’ Prize: A Plan to Ban the Bag

2016 Per Capita Young Writers’ Prize – Highly Commended

By Victoria McGlynn

Did you know that Australians use nearly four billion plastic bags per year? Over seven thousand plastic bags are dumped into landfill every minute; that’s over four hundred thousand plastic bags per hour. It can take anywhere from twenty to a thousand years for a plastic bag to decompose.

As a nation, we are currently divided in our stance against plastic bags, with some states implementing a ban and others that have not yet made the change. As it turns out, our delay in making this change can be to our advantage, as we have the opportunity to learn about the pitfalls and successes other countries have experienced.

Negative impacts can be overcome by putting appropriate strategies in place, such as education, that can frame the change in a positive light. It also presents us with other opportunities to find other ways to reduce our nation’s waste production as a whole. Together, united, Australia can make a difference in working towards a more sustainable future.