Emma Dawson on The Drum, 8 November 2017

8 November 2017

Per Capita Executive Director Emma Dawson joined Anne Henderson, Kate Jenkins Rev. Bill Crews and host Julia Baird to discuss the issues of the day on The Drum on ABC TV.  Topics included the ongoing citizenship saga, but also the ABS statistics showing a rise in violence against women; the NBN/ACCC announcement; and the size of plane seats.

Says Emma on citizenship: “We absolutely need to get this sorted out by Christmas.  It’s a terrible distraction and a drag on the Parliament.  And it’s preventing the govt from getting on and doing real things to help the Australian people….. I would think by now, anyone who was in any doubt has had a look at their paperwork, investigated whether or not they have a problem and  should be able to front up with some paperwork pretty quickly.”

On the NBN, Emma was clear that the problem lies with the fibre to the node network, which is not capable of delivering the speeds people have paid for. “It’s a problem we wouldn’t have if we had fibre to the premises.”

Emma also highlighted the lost opportunity of the NBN, that our leaders prioritised ideology instead of the potential future benefit of the network. “We can choose to invest in nation building infrastructure that is a public service.  We can choose to make that investment, it can build growth and jobs.  It’s an ideological position whether or not you choose to invest in this as a public service.”