Reform Agenda Series: A Nation All at Sea, 9 December 2014

Thank you to all those who joined us at the launch of Per Capita’s report into Australia’s asylum seeker policy, A Nation All At Sea.

The report looks back over the history of Australia’s asylum seeker policy, and finds that, while in the short-term these policies may appear to be problematic, over the long-term, they are unsustainable and problematic.

The authors, Graeme Innes and Allison Orr, argue that the story of boat arrivals in Australia can be understood by looking at how politicians have used this issue to portray a particular kind of leadership.

Julian Burnside AO QC launched the report, and paid tribute to Wolfgang Sievers, who made this research possible.  He asked that his photographs be sold and the funds be used for human rights causes.  We are grateful for his generosity.

Thanks also to Maurice Blackburn who hosted this event.