Speech: Education as an Engine of Equality

Speech by David Hetherington

At the Progressive Governance Conference:

Knowledge is Power:
Education, jobs and equality in the 21st Century

Stockholm, 26 May 2016

David Hetherington outlines Australia’s education funding policy over the last fifty years, which has created a two-tier system which promotes inequality and undermines overall education performance.

By channelling untold amounts of public money into private schools, we’re now at the point where the public funding per child will soon be greater for kids in private schools than those in the public system.

Says David: “For me, education done poorly is an engine of inequality: it cements and widens socioeconomic differences between kids.  A good school system has the opposite effect. It acts as an engine of equality, lifting all kids to a common high standard.”

Download the full speech here: Education, Jobs and Equality in the 21st Century.