On Leadership: Cities, Communities & Social Innovation with Melody Barnes & Lucy Turnbull

On Leadership: Cities, Communities and Social Innovation

With Melody Barnes, Lucy Turnbull and Annabel Crabb Thursday 18 February 2016

Thank you to all those how joined us for this wonderful and wide-ranging discussion.

Melody Barnes spoke about what makes a liveable city:

“You have to make sure that the prosperity that comes from innovation is widely distributed.  That includes issues of social mobility and income stagnation, education and job training – focus on those kind of programs to ensure people can participate in an innovation economy.

“You also need to make places attractive to live and work and make it easier to do the kind of work that creates prosperity – issues of livability, green communities, transportation and infrastructure, and also places that invite entertainment and recreation – the things that attract smart young people, sustain older people and older workers.”

Lucy Turnbull spoke about the spatial element of poverty.  Poverty used to be concentrated in the cities, but it’s been flipped and is now suburbanised.

She also spoke of creating communities with “Walkable urbanity”

“being able to walk in a community where you feel safe (and women are the canaries in the coalmine here), crime levels drop because there is a level social amenity and engagement and contact that makes it much safer.  We need to embed in the planning of our communities this “walkable urbanity” then we can start to address the spatial inequities that have become concentrated.”

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