Abbey Ideas Forum: Gender Equality and the Future of the Workplace

Thank you to everyone who attended our Abbey Ideas Forum event at Maddocks with Helen Conway, the Director of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

Particular thanks to Michelle Dixon, CEO of Maddocks not just for so generously hosting our event, but for also giving us an insight into how she has taken an active leadership role in closing the gender gap.  She is being the change she wants to see.

Helen spoke about the work of the Agency, and their release last year of Australia’s Gender Equality Scorecard, which brings together data collected from over 11,000 employers, giving for the first time a picture of gender equality in Australia.

The publication of this data is a driver for action, as it shows that many companies are failing to take a strategic approach to general equality in their workplaces, and so it doesn’t lead to sustainable change.

The data also makes clear the business case for taking action on gender equality.  Australia is failing to translate our highly educated female population into higher workforce participation rates, and this comes at a massive cost to our economy.

Helen sees the solution in changing the way we look at work.  Instead of being based on ‘face time’ required during conventional hours, it needs to be based more on outcomes.  A redesign of work on these principles would see greater flexibility for men and women, and allow both to progress through the career pipeline at similar rates.

Download the full discussion report of the Roundtable by clicking below.

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