Centre for Applied Policy in Positive Ageing

February 23, 2015


Following on from the launch of the Blueprint for an Ageing Australia, Per Capita has established the Centre for Applied Policy in Positive Ageing (CAPPA). CAPPA exists to pursue the Blueprint’s recommendations for rigorous and innovative policy solutions in the area of ageing and longevity.

We believe there is a clear gap in Australia’s public policy landscape in the fields of ageing and longevity. While there is much good academic research undertaken, there is little applied policy development. Specifically, there is a paucity of institutional source of investment in turning policy ideas into tangible projects which address the long-term opportunities posed by ageing and longevity.

Per Capita has established CAPPA to respond to this need.

The Centre is housed within Per Capita and draws on our existing infrastructure and strong track record in ageing and longevity fields as well as applied policy development.

CAPPA will build on this existing body of work to create a permanent research capacity on longevity and ageing, allowing us to identify emerging issues for older Australians now, as well as anticipating the opportunities challenges for future generations of Australians.


CAPPA mission will be to transform Australian public policy to harness ageing as a social and economic good.

We will achieve this mission in three ways:

  • Develop innovative and original applied policy proposals
  • Champion positive ageing by reframing the public debate
  • Influence policymakers and practitioners to ensure long-term strategic change.

The Longevity Forum

The work and research program of CAPPA is overseen by an Advisory Board – The Longevity Forum. Click the link below to find out more about The Longevity Forum.