Post Carbon Economy

Per Capita’s Centre for New Industry delves into the practicalities of Australia’s inevitable shift to a post carbon economy and the effects this will have on workers. The Centre will build a vision of the future that provides greater employment opportunities for workers, greater stability and security for regional communities, and works with community, workers and industry for a successful shift to a zero carbon, full employment economy.

Post Carbon Economy
May 27, 2023

Submission to the Victorian Offshore Wind Transmission Consultation

We believe that these reforms will ensure that offshore wind is sustainable, both ecologically and economically, and will be part of a prosperous future in Portland and Gippsland.
Work and Workers
August 24, 2022

A Blueprint for Better, Cleaner Jobs

The political, ecological and economic challenge of decarbonising Australia’s energy and industrial base is crying out for leadership. The next five to ten years are crucial to ensure that the worst outcomes of the climate crisis are mitigated, and we have a unique opportunity to reframe our economy in the interests of the people who work within it.