The Australian Housing Monitor Webinar – Housing affordability experiences, attitudes & appetite for change

April 5, 2023

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Per Capita’s new Centre for Equitable Housing (CEH) has just released a major survey of community attitudes towards housing affordability in Australia, revealing that most Australians think the housing market is in need of significant reform, and want the Government to intervene.

The Australian Housing Monitor is a nationally representative survey of Australians’ views about the housing market. It is one of the largest surveys of its kind, and reflects deep, widespread and growing concern that the “great Australian dream” of owning one’s own home is out of reach for all but the wealthiest families.

Per Capita’s Emma Dawson, Director of the Centre for Equitable Housing Matt Lloyd-Cape and Essential Media’s Peter Lewis to hear about the findings of this important new survey, and what policy options should be in the mix to tackle Australia’s housing crisis.

Read the full report, The Australian Housing Monitor: Housing affordability experiences, attitudes and appetite for change

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